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A quicker and easier way to arrange and join a web conference

This is achieved by using one passcode to access both your web and audio conference, and by providing a single URL that can be used to access every web meeting you set up or attend.

What are the features and benefits of WebJoin?

WebJoin offers the following features to enhance a user's web conferencing experience.

  • With WebJoin, there is only one URL provided and it never changes
    Since the URL never changes, you will be able to provide your participants with the same URL for every web conference you arrange.
  • The URL is very short and therefore easily remembered
    Having a short and simplified URL makes it easy to remember and communicate to other people.
  • You can access an audio and web conference using just one passcode
    You will no longer need to provide your meeting attendees with separate passcodes for the audio and web portions of your meeting. With WebJoin, participants use the same passcode to access both, which makes joining a meeting a faster and more streamlined experience.
  • WebJoin is designed to work across a range of Web Conferencing platforms
    WebJoin is compatible with Cisco Webex™.