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1. What is WebJoin?

WebJoin is an enhancement to your web conferencing service that makes it easier for you and your participants to join a web conference.

2. As a participant, how do I use WebJoin?

At the time of your meeting, dial into the audio conference call, then launch the WebJoin login page using the URL provided in your invitation. Enter the web conference using the audio participant passcode you were also provided with. For full instructions please refer to the WebJoin Participant user guide.

3. As the chairperson, how do I use WebJoin?

When setting up your meeting, you will need to provide the WebJoin URL to your participant(s) in your meeting invite. When the meeting takes place, use your MeetMe audio chairperson passcode to access the audio call and web conference. For full instructions please refer to the WebJoin Chairperson user guide.

  1. As the chairperson, am I losing my ability to log into my web account and manage my web conferences?

No. WebJoin is an enhancement to simplify your web conferencing experience. It does not in any way prevent you from using your web account as you have previously.

  1. As the chairperson, when should I use WebJoin versus logging into my account and managing web conferences as I traditionally have?

The aim of WebJoin is to simplify the web conferencing experience for the majority of everyday calls, where the primary purpose is to visually share content to make discussions more productive.

However, if you might want to record your web conference, or upload presentations prior to the meeting, then you should continue to manage these meetings by logging into your account, since WebJoin will not support these advanced functions.

6. Am I billed differently if I use WebJoin?

No. WebJoin is simply an enhancement to make it easier for you to access your everyday web conferencing meetings.

7. Where can I go for further help or information?

If you need assistance, please contact the helpdesk.